01 An Introduction to AAM & UAM (Solo)

A “Solo Courseā€ is one taken independently, in your own time.

An introduction to AAM and UAM will start with a definition of the meaning of the terms and build awareness and understanding of the essential elements of the new industry that is emerging. The first module will take a high level view of the drone and urban air mobility industry. It will cover definitions and operating concepts for drones, urban air mobility and advanced air mobility vehicles. It will look at the timescales for their development and deployment and finally discuss how local authorities will be impacted by the introduction of these new aircraft in the urban airspace and cover the benefits they will bring and the challenges, too.

This course brings together a wide range of information from a variety of national and international sources to give an overview of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) or Urban Air Mobility (UAM) from a local government perspective.

01 An Introduction to AAM & UAM solo


Who should attend this course:

  • Local Government Decision Makers including Senior Executives; Frontline managers and Team Leaders;
  • Local Government officers in Policy making; Planning; Transport; First Responders (security, medical, fire); Economic Development; Estate Management & surveyors; Social Services;
  • Councillors and Elected officials
  • Anyone who has responsibility for setting up, agreeing, and/or monitoring drone and UAM related activities within their authority
  • What you will learn:
  • Awareness of the nature and breadth of the AAM/UAM industry
  • Understanding of essential terminology, definitions, UAV types (drones and eVTOLs)
  • Awareness of UK standing in a global mobility development and UK government strategic plans (UKRI)
  • Know different uses cases for drones and eVTOL development globally
  • Awareness of AAM route opportunities using eVTOLs
  • Awareness of UAM infrastructure needs
  • Awareness of features of scaling to full commercialisation
  • Appreciate and understand key roles in UAM/AAM for local government including 16 key areas for local government involvement in UAM
  • Know and understand use cases and benefits of drone usage
  • Understand the outline of emerging regulatory environment involving all stakeholders
  • Know and understand key components of a drone policy framework
  • Understand and appreciate key components of a drone operational framework
  • Know and appreciate key aspects of AAM/UAM and how it could impact on the local community

Materials included:

  • Video lessons including transcripts
  • Related documents for recommended reading
  • Resources sheet providing hyperlinks and credits
  • Quiz to check your basic knowledge of the topics presented.


Courses are online and can be accessed using Smart Phone / Computer / Tablet.

No prior requirements exist for taking this course.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3-4 hrs

Level: Intermediate


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