04 AAM Public Consultation (Solo)

A “Solo Course” is one taken independently, in your own time.

This course brings together a wide range of information from a variety of national and international sources to give an overview of the importance of public consultation regarding AAM and UAM and examples of public discourse and research that has already taken place.

There are three Modules:

Modules 1 and 2: Examines the importance of public consultation and understanding that more than just tacit approval for drone and electric air taxis will be needed, it will require the community to be actively engaged in the development of urban air mobility services, in the same way that road and rail services are integrated into community life.  This part will also find out exactly what the UK public currently think of drones and what communities in other part of the world think of electric air taxis.

Module 3: Examines the challenge of integrating public views with local authority plans for developing drone and eVTOL services.

Module 4: Is focused on the messaging – how to engage communities using campaigns which build understanding and build community acceptance for developing drone and eVTOL services.

04 AAM Public Consultation (Solo)


Who should attend this course:

  • Local Government Decision Makers including Senior Executives; Frontline managers and Team Leaders;
  • Local Government officers in Policy making; Planning; Transport; First Responders (security, medical, fire); Economic Development; Estate Management & surveyors; Social Services;
  • Councillors and Elected officials
  • Anyone who has responsibility for setting up, agreeing, and/or monitoring drone and UAM related activities within their authority

What you will learn:

  • The importance of public consultation
  • More than just tacit approval required – stakeholder engagement is vital
  • Examples of public consultation
  • What do the public think of drones? Major concerns and positive views
  • What do the public think of eVTOLs? Major concerns and positive views
  • How should local authorities take these views into account in developing drone and eVTOL policies?
  • Developing appropriate messaging

Materials included:

  • Video modules including transcripts
  • Related documents for recommended reading
  • Resources sheet providing hyperlinks and credits
  • Quiz to check your basic knowledge of the topics presented.


Courses are online and can be accessed using Smart Phone / Computer / Tablet.

No prior requirements exist for taking this course.

Course Tutor

Philip Butterworth-Hayes Philip Butterworth-Hayes