05 AAM and the Law (Solo)

Module 1: The current state of drone law in the UK and the dangers of local authorities getting it wrong.

  • How different local authorities are currently framing byelaws in respect to drone operations
  • The use of community protection notices (CPNs)
  • The limits to councils‘ authority to regulate on airspace matters
  • What could happen if councils get it wrong?

Module 2: The CAA’s drone regulations: Understanding the core regulations which commercial and recreational drone users need to comply with

  • The Civil Aviation Authority’s powers to regulate airspace
  • The CAA’s CAP722 regulation and Drone and Model Aircraft Code which has outlined the aviation regulations for drone use in the UK
  • The Open, Specific and Certified category of drones

Module 3: Other relevant legal and regulatory issues that local authorities need to be aware of in developing drone policies

  • Privacy rules
  • The role of Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Who owns the airspace? Bernstein v Skyviews – 1978
  • Storing and protecting data

Drones and the Law


Who Should Attend this Course?

  • Local Government Decision Makers including Senior Executives; Frontline managers and Team Leaders;
  • Local Government officers in Policy making; Planning; Transport; First Responders (security, medical, fire); Economic Development; Estate Management & surveyors; Social Services;
  • Councillors and Elected officials
  • Anyone who has responsibility for setting up, agreeing, and/or monitoring drone and UAM related activities within their authority

What You Will Learn

  • Awareness of the regulatory environment, the key governing authorities
  • The possibilities and opportunities for local government
  • Understanding of the regulatory structures
  • Awareness and understanding of local government obligations in UAM management
  • Understanding the nature of liabilities: legal, insurance, financial
  • Understanding the role of regulatory governance in shaping local government policy
  • Understanding the importance of trust, privacy, data protection and ethics
  • The requirements of Governance
  • Estate management

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3-4 hours

Level: Intermediate

Philip Butterworth-Hayes Philip Butterworth-Hayes