06 AAM Policy Making (Solo)

The AAM and UAM industries are still in their early stages of development although progress is very rapid.  Because of this there are no established templates for policy making by local government however, there are several examples internationally from which local government can learn and adapt policy ideas.

The first module looks at the key drivers to developing a local authority drone and advanced air mobility policy. It examines the role of different stakeholder groups in council-run drone programmes and what they do.

The second module looks at the responsibilities that a local authority has currently and what in the future they will have in drone and AAM eco-systems.

The third module presents a simple template for developing a drone and AAM policy – from the very first “go” decision to the deployment of a network of advanced air mobility services based on vertiports and air corridors.

And … in the fourth module, the course looks at what other local authorities in Europe are doing to develop drone and AAM industry engagement policies. This includes highlighting governance and best practices studies from industry and government research.

AAM Drone Policy


Who Should Attend this Course?

  • Local Government Decision Makers including Senior Executives; Frontline managers and Team Leaders
  • Local Government officers in Policy making; Planning; Transport; First Responders (security, medical, fire); Economic Development; Estate Management & surveyors; Social Services
  • Councillors and Elected officials
  • Anyone who has responsibility for setting up, agreeing, and/or monitoring drone and UAM related activities within their local authority.

What will You Learn?

  • Setting strategy priorities for a Drone Engagement Policy
  • Understanding the different and developing trends in public attitudes and technical environment of the drone/AAM industries
  • A view of stakeholder roles
  • Examples of a local authority drone programmes and role of industry and government agencies
  • The responsibilities of local authorities for drone/AAM programme delivery
  • What a drone and advanced air mobility engagement policy may look like
  • How cities in Europe and in neighbouring regions are developing drone and AAM engagement policies
  • The European Union view of local authority responsibility for developing drone and AAM services
  • A round up of industry, government and research agency work on “best practice” in local authority drone operations
  • Interpretation of governance – who is involved and why.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3-4 hrs

Level: Intermediate

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AAM Drone Policy